Mini-Bee project is achieved under dedicated lesser open source license.

It allows multiple actors (academic, industrial, individuals) to collaborate in an open-innovation workflow.
Project works are mainly shared on a public wiki.

Tasks are achieved with coordinator management

Private Tasks (without public disclosure) or product covered by other licenses or other intellectual property
rights can be included within the project.
Only interface works will be covered by the open source paragraph of the Lesser Open Source License

Any Participant may use works done on the Project for technical or commercial use.
By default, standard royalties percent are defined

Basic flight path

  • Cruise speed : 170km/h
  • Range : 800 km
  • MTOW : 700kg
  • Max power 100 kW
  • Cruise flight : 90% of energy

  • Mock up

    Mini-Bee Project is available under Lesser Open Source license. All documentation on the Open Source part of the project is available on the wiki.

    Mini-Bee is a collaborative project to develop a hybrid VTOL hexacopter.

    Project History

    Project was launched in January 2015 to study individual air transportation but switched to medical transportation on 2016. On Paris Air Show 2015 we presented a first mock-up and it was a success !

    During 2015 and 2016 multiple universities studied concept and TRL1 closed in June 2016.
    In summer 2017, project achieved TRL2 at Paris Air Show 2017 and is now entering TRL3 with more than 15 universities and 10 industrial interested !
    In 2018, studiez have made progress on the engine and hybrid configuration.